Artist Statement


I am a mixed media artist and autodidact making story teller dolls honoring myth and folklore, goddess and god, shadow and light, the mundane and the sacred in the totality of the human experience. My figures heal wounds, open rooms too long dark and foreboding, beckon the beyond, name the unameable and expand one's vision.

I graduated cum laude from the European Graduate School with a Master's degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and a minor in psychology. I graduated from the Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego where I engaged in 3 years of extensive training and internships as an Expressive Arts therapits. I costume, bead, make ATCs, alter books and teach as well.

I make human forms because it pleases me. They have pooled my talents, extracted my memories, captured my essence and accompanied me through deep depressions, tragedy and loss, agony, pain and sorrow, towards a glimmer of hope and into absolute bliss.

I began my first little doll in conjunction with therapy to realize, name and recover from trauma. I found this sculptural experience powerful, satisfying and magical. I became able to communicate so much more than words could embody and set out to people the universe I wanted to and do live in, where vulnerability can be our greatest gift.

There are many, many faces of me and I continue to reveal layer by layer, bead by bead, bone by bone, page by page more of myself.

My influences are Van Gogh, Miro, De Marco, Kahlo, Mars Tokyo, Cornell and Marcie Stone.