Feb 2012 – "WAYS AND MEANS – LIVING CLOSE TO THE BONE" – Expressive Arts @ 32nd & Thorn, San Diego

Jan 2012 – "CALLING ALL DOLLS – A Retrospective" – Expressive Arts @ 32nd & Thorn, San Diego

Oct 2011 – "PUPPET UPRISING" – House of the Future, San Diego

Feb 2011 – "MEMOIR MAKERS DIARY OPENING" – Encinitas Public Library, Encinitas

Feb 2009 & 2008 – "SACRED HEART SHOW" - Vintage Religion, San Diego

Oct 2009-2007 - "DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS SHOW" - Vintage Religion, San Diego

Oct 2008 & 2007 - "DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS SHOW" - The Next Door Gallery, San Diego

Sept 2007 - "ANNUAL BOOKARTS SHOW" - The Next Door Gallery, San Diego

Mar 2007 - "MERMAIDS AND GODDESSES" - The Next Door Gallery, San Diego

Dec 2006 - "LA VIRGENCITA" - Mexico Lindo Mercado y Galeria, Pittsburgh

Sept 2006 - "4th ANNUAL DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS SHOW" - Standing Rock Cultural Arts, Kent OH

May 2006 - "VISITATIONS" - one woman show, Sumner and Dene Gallery Albuquerque

June 2005 - "NOW AND HERE" - selected works, a solo exhibit, The Expressive Arts Institute, San Diego

November 2004 - "No Frills III" Open Studio event, San Diego

April 2004 - "HEARKENINGS - Personal Lore in Clay and Fiber" two woman show, Santa Ysabel

April 2004 - "Annual San Diego Book Arts Show", The Next Door Gallery, San Diego

January 2004 - "Heart to Heart", The Next Door Gallery, San Diego

November 2003 - "No Frills II" Open Studio event, San Diego

2003 – "13 Books Written On Skin," Gem City Clayworks, Laramie WY

November 2002 - "No Frills" Open Studio event, San Diego

August 2002 - "Sea Stories", San Diego

July 2002 - "Nine Lives for Art" (Juried show), San Diego

November 2001 - "Twists and Turns", San Diego

August 2001 - "The Eternal Goddess", Janet Bruno Gallery, Rezon8 Studios, Monrovia

July 2001 - "Nine Lives for Art" (Juried show), San Diego

April 2001 - "2nd Annual Women's Showcase", Featured Artist, San Diego

November 2000 - "Feelings Gone to Seed", San Diego

October 2000 - "Beautiful Bountiful Beads" (Juried show: 1st place), San Diego

July 2000 - "Nine Lives for Art" (Juried show), San Diego

June 2000 - "Entendres", 2-woman show, San Diego

March 2000 – "Lots of Luck", The Next Door Gallery, San Diego

Feb 1999 – "Saints and Sinners", The Folk Tree, Pasadena


2011-2006 - Vintage Religion, San Diego, CA

2007-2006 - Mexico Lindo Mercado y Galeria, Pittsburgh, PA

2006 - Standing Rock Cultural Arts, Kent, OH

2012-2006 - Sumner & Dene Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2004 - El Pueblo Gallery, Pasadena, CA

2012-2003 - The Santa Ysabel Gallery, Santa Ysabel, CA

2010-1998 - The Next Door Gallery/Studio Maureen, San Diego

2006-1998 - "Valentine's", "Women's Showcase" and "Human Figure", Sumner and Dene, San Diego

2004-1998 - Twiggs Street Gallery, San Diego

1999 - COVA: Open Studios, San Diego

1999-1998 - The Folk Tree, Pasadena

1998-1997 - Galeria Dos Damas, San Diego

1998 - Exposition and Workshop for women over 60, University of Nevada, Reno

1996 - "Friendly Fire", San Diego and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

1996 - "Crossroads" (Juried show - award), Pomona

1996 - "Journeys-An Art Trip", Art Union Building, San Diego

1995 - "Artistic Alchemy", Art Union Building, San Diego

1995 - Solo Exhibit (private residence), San Diego


April 2010 – "Coming Out Of My Shell," Encinitas, CA

Jan 2009 – "A Whale, A Song and A Dream," San Diego, CA


2011 – Story People Dolls and Their Books – Porter Elementary Pilot Art Project funded by Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation

2008-2006 – Volunteer Fine Art teacher Capri and Porter Elementary schools

2012-1994 - "Soul Doll" and "Sacred Power Doll" workshops

2008-2005 - "La Que Sabe" workshops

2011-2003 - "Making Altered Books," "Making Artist Trading Cards" workshops

1997 - "Re-awakening the Creative Spirit", Elder College: Exposition and Workshop for women over 60, UNR, Reno

1994, 1993 - Lectures: "Feminine Spirituality" and "A Woman's Spiritual Walk", San Diego

1982-1981 - Carson City Elementary School Art Instructor, EMH-1

1979-1974 - Galerie Raymond Duncan, Weaving instructor, Paris, France


2011-2009 Animal Cracker Conspiracy – Giant Puppets

2011–2010 - Joelle Pendergrass, Bumbershoot Aerial Arts

2011-2009 – Zirk Ubu – costumes

2010-2009 – Platt Brothers

2009 – "Braiding The Queen Of Time," Saas Fe, Switzerland

2008 - "BLOODTIME, MOONTIME, DREAMTIME" a film trilogy by Roberta Cantow features Lynn's artwork and story.

2011-2008 – Tom Wall

2012-2000 - Lindley Lopez Productions

2011-2003 - Kristi Toguchi. Magic of Kristi

2009-2000 - Heat Wave Productions

2009-2000 - Imagination Entertainment: "Il Circo", "Cirque de la Mer", "On Broadway", "Lion King", "Marionetta", "Wicked"

March 2007 - Bad Influence, "Sticks and Bones" Issue

2004 - Art Dollz, Issue #4 "Fabric and Fiber"

2005-2000 "We'Moon", 2000 Front cover art and annual illustrations

November 2002 - "Behind the Scenes" Interview, KotaPress

2002 - "We'Moon 2002 Wall Calendar", Illustration

2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2002-1994 - Asian Story Theatre, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco

2006, 2005, 2001-1994 - Fern St. Community Arts & Circus, San Diego

1999 - Fiber Art Commission, John DeMarco Collection

1998, 1994 - "Woyzcek" (1994), "Bus Stop" (1998), Southwestern College, Chula Vista

1996-1995 - "Peter Pan" (1996), "When the Peacock Wakes Up Screaming" (1995), Sledgehammer Theatre, San Diego

1996-1995 - "True History of Coca-Cola", "El Paso Blue", "Six Women with Brain Death", San Diego Repertory Theatre

1995 - "Judge Dredd", San Diego Appearance

1973, 1972 - Fiber Art Commissions, Adloff, Grant residences


Lynn Dewart, a San Diego native, studied fine arts under the tutelage of Belle Baranceanu (1964-1970); studied fiber arts and taught weaving at the Galerie Raymond Duncan (brother of Isadora) in Paris, France (1973-1976); and resided in Venezuela and Nevada before returning to California in 1984. She worked in heavy industry as a journeywoman plaster pattern maker and coordinate measuring systems engineer at Rohr Inc.

lynn 400w
Lynn Dewart
Photo: Thomine Sue Wilson

A personal unravelling and an unquenchable desire for meaningful work compelled her to become a full-time artist in 1992. In 2008 she was accepted into a Master's Program in Expressive Arts Therapy, further establishing her place in the world of Arts For Change.

Working with children and teens at risk, women in recovery from eating disorders and substance abuse, staff enhancement programs, and adult dual-diagnosis patients, Lynn specialties are acute anxiety, depression, trauma recovery and PTS and is specifically trained in combat induced post traumatic stress.

Lynn's thesis, "The Art of The Doll – Doll as Tool For Transformation and Container For Narrative" is based on chaos theory, object relations theory and the creation and embedding of new identity, and the cross-cultural icon as an object with agency. The text documents the healing opportunities through art making she has been facilitating with people for the last 17 years.